who we are


Multishoring.info is the largest organisation of IT consultants specialising in nearshore and offshore IT development in Poland. The company was set up in 2011 as an initiative of the capital group EUVIC to provide top notch IT outsourcing services. The EUVIC technology group employs over 1,500 consultants, has 900 active customers around the world and its turnover was over EUR 28 million last year. The company’s headquarters are in Warsaw, Poland, and it has a subsidiary in London, UK. We have four main development centres in Poland: in Bielsko-Biala, Bialystok, Gliwice and Gdansk.

The company’s offer is addressed to companies from all over Europe which want to reduce the cost of their IT projects by having them implemented in countries that offer lower costs but are also culturally and geographically close. The offer of Multishoring.info includes: technology consulting, focusing on such solutions as BizTalk, Oracle EBS, TIBCO, Webmethods, Salesforce, inRiver, EPI Server, Jeeves, Google App Engine and mobile solutions. An important part of Multishoring.info’s offering is the outsourcing of IT help desk solutions and of the support and maintenance of IT systems used in enterprises.

Thanks to its vast experience gained through the cooperation with many of the most demanding companies across Europe, Multishoring.info has proven methods and tools for the smooth and timely execution of orders. The originator and founder of Multishoring.info is Fild.NET, a leading integrator of Microsoft solutions in Poland, with extensive experience in conducting  nearshore IT development projects.